What are the advantages of BOOTOO ONEZO?

Brand: from treasure island, Taiwan, the pioneer of making pearls by hand all over the world, creating healthy and fresh fresh milk tea

R & d: the strong r & d team is the core competitiveness, no one I have, I have my own essence, the essence of my new, so that we have been in the forefront of the industry

Mode: create a new mode of health and fashion, unique handmade craft, transparent and transparent production process

Publicity: new media operation has been launched across the board, regional advertising has been launched with precision marketing, brand recognition has been deepened, and brand image has been unified

Products: high appearance level, good taste, healthy products, low consumption, good reputation

Services: online and offline value enjoyment, the headquarters to provide fast quality services



What are the advantages of BOOTOO ONEZO products?

Treasure island maru - make plain tea with plain heart

Advocate return to original simplicity, stand out in today's batch production mode, insist on each cup of handmade, the pursuit of quality, pay attention to health, hope every consumer can in the moment of tea from the hustle and bustle of the world and fatigue, enjoy delicious quiet.

Baodao maru zuo -- redefining milk tea 'pearl'

Shakespeare said, 'a pearl speaks more to a woman's heart than any other language.'

Baodao maru in the 'maru' commonly known as pearl. Every pearl is selected from rare raw materials picked by hand in the original place, such as cactus fruit from penghu bay, mangoes from aiwen in tainan, caramel roasted by hand, black sesame seeds planted by farmers... Natural taste and color make an exclusive good shot. The unrepeatable geographical and climatic environment of the origin gives pearl food an incomparable excellent Q bomb. Only native, fang bao original.

Baodao maru - 'maru' makes good tea

Select the world's top core ingredients, Taiwan high mountain tea, Taiwan ali mountain tea, India's top Assam black tea, Sri Lanka's top Ceylon black tea, the world longevity mecca guangxi bama jasmine green tea. Based on the changes of modern people's food culture and the pursuit of higher food safety, all the production process is transparent and all the pearls contain no additives, so that consumers can drink health and peace of mind



What does ONEZO mean? What is the Slogan of ONEZO?

A: the word 'ONEZO' comes from Japan, which is the handmade production of maruko, or 'ONEZO' in Taiwan. The Slogan is: 'bolus out good tea', redefining the milk tea 'pearl'.



What route does Taiwan brand BOOTOO ONEZO take?

A: not all brands are suitable for long-term routes. Combined with the needs of modern people, ONEZO believes that the future trend of water bar development must be to take a healthy route, so ONEZO is suitable for long-term high-end routes.



Does Taiwan BOOTOO ONEZO guarantee money?

Answer: the world does not have the industry that does not make money, only the person that does not make money. Do Taiwan BOOTOO ONEZO we can certainly ensure that you can make money, the premise is strictly obey the headquarters of unified management.



Are all the raw materials imported from Taiwan?

Answer: influenced by the import and export trade of food-grade raw materials from both sides of the straits [for example, price, transportation cost, purchase cycle, import and export policy], the main raw materials are all from mainland Taiwan enterprises, and each batch is selected strictly to meet food safety standards.



Your brand does not have any popularity at present, why do you need to charge the franchise fee?

Answer: Taiwan BOOTOO ONEZO is an emerging brand, but every brand will have a long term, and the project of growth is the most potential investment, although our current brand awareness is not high, but also can reflect its social value, the franchise fee is the embodiment of the existing value. We are very confident about the future development of Taiwan BOOTOO ONEZO. [for example, the franchise fee of ONEZO in Canada is 750,000 yuan, and a little amount is more than 800,000 yuan.] So the investment in mature brands is not worth the loss.



Want to join but have no experience?

Answer: existing franchisee 90% above all have no experience, you are only responsible for shop, experience to the headquarters. A complete learning and training program is a summary of experience. Believe in yourself.



What are the criteria for joining Taiwan BOOTOO ONEZO?

A: with a team of more than four people, persistent efforts, 100% execution, absolute loyalty to the brand, and a good berth, this will definitely work.



Join BOOTOO ONEZO's brand strengths

(1) authentic Taiwan brand, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan

(2) it is the first in the world to hand-make every pearl on site

(3) all operations are transparent, allowing consumers to feel at ease

(4) the standardized SOP process was strictly controlled by the Taiwan headquarters

(5) BOOTOO ONEZO headquarters in Taiwan develops high-end drinks in line with the global market every month. Optimize and select products according to different countries and regions

(6) at present, BOOTOO ONEZO has selected natural and healthy plants and seaweed around the world and developed more than 160 kinds of pearls

(7) Taiwan BOOTOO ONEZO supports partners to grow together, and the growth of the brand is the growth of partners

(8) Taiwan BOOTOO ONEZO has a gross profit margin of over 70%, creating a new benchmark in the tea industry