Dark sugar milk green
Dark sugar milk green

What is brown sugar? 'What is baidu baike's interpretation of black sugar?' Why do you only use the best quality brown sugar? Brown sugar is a non-highly refined form of sucrose with a dark color and a charred flavor. Brown sugar is made with a more complex process, a longer refining time, a longer domestication of nutrients, and a better heat.

What is the effect of 'treasure island brown sugar', why say brown sugar is the high quality in sugar?

Brown sugar water helps women get their periods flowing. Drink hot black sugar water can let the body warm, increase energy, activate collateralismblood, accelerate blood circulation, menstruation can also discharge relatively smooth, female friends if have the problem of uncomfortable, lower abdomen distend pain, might as well try this method; Also can add some ginger juice to boil, fill in the gas, blood nourishing the liver, warm tendon tongluo effect will be better. If be afraid of the person that eats sweetmeat easily fat, want to begin the day before menstruation only, eat until menstruation 3 days, can produce huoxue effect.

In addition, like children to take medicine afraid of suffering, can be appropriate to add some brown sugar assist; Have the children of the problem such as gas inadequacy, do not love to eat, malnutrition, ferial also can drink water of some of black sugar to become dim sum, among them some complement raise composition to be able to use, but should notice not to drink before meal.

Cold abdominal pain, menstruation when easy to catch a cold, can also use black sugar ginger soup to relieve the cold. To the old age body is weak, especially the person who gets over the serious illness at the beginning, the black sugar also has the excellent treatment empty tonic effect, the old person eats some black sugar to be able to loose the blood stasis, the benefit bowel aperient, slow liver bright eye, may have the benefit qi jianwei, the warm tonic heart and lung function.

'Baodao maru zuo' combines the world's first hand-made pearl with natural dragon fruit, strawberry, mugwort, potato, matcha, chocolate, oats, enzyme and so on. This is 'maruzuo from the island of the world's most influential high-end tea'.