Marutsa · first milk green
Marutsa · first milk green

What is the first pick? Many Internet users and food lovers think that the first time to pick is the first time to pick. In fact, the first time to pick is to take the essence of the old tea tree. 'Maru zuo' only USES the precious tea leaves before the first qingming festival, picking fresh leaves once a week according to the season.

The first season is 'fresh-picked tea', which is famous for its charming aroma and elegant taste.

'Second pick tea' taste rich, mellow and pleasant;

'Rainy season tea' full and powerful;

'Autumn tea' is the last picking season of the year, with sweet and smooth characteristics.

Tea makers are usually young.

Here they devote their time, heart and soul, following the growth cycle of each tea plant. This has become an important reason for the birth of high-quality tea in small tea plantations.

Milk at the beginning of what is 'pill three pick green' is from 'manual of Taiwan island' pill to make 'three kinds of balls' has 'pearl of making the caramel' and 'pitaya' pearl 'cactus' pearl 'bamboo charcoal' pearl 'panda pill' pearl 'trichromatic pearl pill' and so on free joker, and early spring harvest 'jasmine green tea' partner for the golden ratio.

Add in the light green tea, the fragrance is pleasant, and the aftertaste is endless.