Marutsa returns Assam
Marutsa returns Assam

With 'Taiwan maru zuo' 'baodao maru zuo' characteristics of three meatballs. A cup can taste three different flavors and is extremely satisfying.

Black tea taste high chun, sweet mild slightly fruity. With hand-made maru sa, it has a multi-layer and rich taste

The fusion of 'Taiwan maru zuo' selected black tea and milk lid.

Assam black tea is produced in northeast India tea, tea shape thin flat, dark brown color; Dark red slightly brown soup color, with a light malt aroma, rose aroma, strong taste, belongs to the strong tea, is the best choice of winter tea.

Black tea is a fully fermented tea with a heavy taste and low content of tea polyphenols, which can strengthen the stomach and nourish the stomach and promote digestion. The tea tannin content also has the effect of promoting metabolism, can help the body reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat.

Cheese is also called cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, who is a kind of fermented milk products, its nature and common yoghurt has similarities, are made by the fermentation process, also contain can care of lactic acid bacteria, but the concentration is higher than in yoghurt and cheese similar to solid food, nutritional value and therefore more rich.

Every kilogram of cheese products are made from 10 kilograms of milk concentrate, rich in protein, calcium, fat, phosphorus and vitamins and other nutrients, is a natural food. In terms of technology, cheese is fermented milk; In terms of nutrition, cheese is concentrated milk. Cheese is also the traditional food of Mongolian and kazakh nomads in northwest China. It is called milk tofu in Inner Mongolia and milk cake in xinjiang. Completely dried cheese is also called milk knot.