Beauty milk cream
Beauty milk cream

The fusion of 'Taiwan maru zuo' selected black tea and milk lid.

Assam black tea is produced in northeast India tea, tea shape thin flat, dark brown color; Dark red slightly brown soup color, with a light malt aroma, rose aroma, strong taste, belongs to the strong tea, is the best choice of winter tea.

Assam is situated in the southern foothills of the eastern Himalayas, bordering Bhutan. Historically, Assam is the second commercial tea production area after China.

Assam black tea tea in the highest content of alkaloid - theobromine, with a stimulating effect, can make the brain thinking activities quickly clear, eliminate drowsiness, eliminate muscle fatigue, with a sense of sharpness and improve motor skills. And can turn for inhibition after excitement of central nervous system, if have insomnia symptom so, can drink tea when rising early, turn for height inhibition after making nervous system height excitement, if be in that day contact all have stimulative food, can alleviate that night insomnia, can have remarkable effect a few days continuously.

Black tea is a fully fermented tea with a heavy taste and low content of tea polyphenols, which can strengthen the stomach and nourish the stomach and promote digestion. The tea tannin content also has the effect of promoting metabolism, can help the body reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat.

Cheese is also called cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, who is a kind of fermented milk products, its nature and common yoghurt has similarities, are made by the fermentation process, also contain can care of lactic acid bacteria, but the concentration is higher than in yoghurt and cheese similar to solid food, nutritional value and therefore more rich.