Maruta mango yakult
Maruta mango yakult

Yakult ', Yakult, Japanese brand. Transliterated 'yakult' and 'yakult' (the name comes from the esperanto Jahurto, which means yogurt). It is a milk drink containing at least 10 billion special active lactic acid bacteria per bottle.

Main materials for water, sugar, skim milk powder, glucose.

Its functions are: reach the small intestine alive to increase beneficial bacteria, reduce harmful bacteria; Reduce intestinal harmful substances, prevent intestinal corruption; Prevention of toadstool infection in food; Improve intestinal activity, regulate intestinal ecological balance; Improving symptoms of constipation and diarrhea; Improve metabolism and health.

'Aiwen', a beautiful name, it belongs to a kind of mango in Taiwan, the long oval shape, the fruit top is pointed shape, the skin color is pleasing apple red. People use various words to describe the perfect color and fragrance of aiwen mango.

Marusa. Mango yakult is restricted to be used as cold drink to preserve yakult active lactobacillus.

1 bottle of yakult is added with tropical mango juice to bring tropical flavor and vitality. Add balls for special handmade balls, balls three: cactus balls, white jade balls, caramel balls

Main raw materials: mango juice, more accessories: cactus pill, white jade pill, caramel pill