Passion fruit yakult
Passion fruit yakult

Yakult ', Yakult, Japanese brand. Transliterated 'yakult' and 'yakult' (the name comes from the esperanto Jahurto, which means yogurt). It is a milk drink containing at least 10 billion special active lactic acid bacteria per bottle.

Main materials for water, sugar, skim milk powder, glucose.

Its functions are: reach the small intestine alive to increase beneficial bacteria, reduce harmful bacteria; Reduce intestinal harmful substances, prevent intestinal corruption; Prevention of toadstool infection in food; Improve intestinal activity, regulate intestinal ecological balance; Improving symptoms of constipation and diarrhea; Improve metabolism and health.

Passion fruit (Passionfora edulis f. flavicarpa Deg), also known as passion fruit, egg fruit, etc., passionflower is a grasslike vine in the passionflower family. Native to Antilles, purple fruit and yellow fruit are mainly found in tropical and subtropical areas. Fruit can be eaten raw or for vegetables, feed, fruit flesh juice, add carbonic acid and sugar, can be made into a drink. Medicine has an exciting, strong effect.

Passion fruit plants about 6 m long; Stems pinstriped, glabrous; Petals 5, as long as sepals; Base pale green, middle purple, top white, berry ovoid, 3-4 cm in diam., glabrous, purple when ripe; Seeds numerous, ovate. Flowering in June and fruiting in November.

Fruit can be eaten raw or for vegetables, feed. Fruit pulp is juicy, add calcium bicarbonate and sugar, can make aromatic and delicious drink. Seed oil, edible and soap, paint, etc.

Pericarp can be used as feed and extract pectin, roots, stems and leaves can be used as medicine, with magical health care functions such as anti-inflammatory and analgesic, activating blood circulation and strengthening body, nourishing Yin and kidney, lowering lipid and blood pressure, eliminating fatigue, detoxifying and beautifying, and enhancing immunity. Fruit aroma rich, sweet and sour and delicious, can sinewy thirst, refreshing wake up the brain, after eating can increase appetite, promote the secretion of digestive glands, digestion.