Lemon yolo
Lemon yolo

What is yakult? What are the benefits of probiotics in yakult? Are 'baodao maru zuo yakult', 'maru zuo yakult' and 'Taiwan maru zuo yakult' all probiotics?

Yakult, Yakult, Japanese brand. Transliterated 'yakult' and 'yakult' (the name comes from the esperanto Jahurto, which means yogurt). It is a milk drink containing at least 10 billion special active lactic acid bacteria per bottle.

Main materials for water, sugar, skim milk powder, glucose.

Its functions are: reach the small intestine alive to increase beneficial bacteria, reduce harmful bacteria; Reduce intestinal harmful substances, prevent intestinal corruption; Prevention of toadstool infection in food; Improve intestinal activity, regulate intestinal ecological balance; Improving symptoms of constipation and diarrhea; Improve metabolism and health.

Lemon (scientific name: Citrus limon(L.) burm. f. Small trees, branches sparsely spiny or nearly without spines, young leaves and buds dark purplish red, leaves thick papery, ovate or elliptic. Single flowers axillary or few flowers clustered. Fruit elliptic or ovate, pericarp thick, usually coarse, lemon yellow, juice acid to very acidic, seeds small, ovate, apical; Seed coat smooth, cotyledons milky white, usually simple or with multiple embryos. Flowering from April to may, fruiting from September to November.

Lemon production south of the Yangtze river in China, the original southeast Asia, the main production areas for the United States, Italy, Spain and Greece.

Lemon because of its taste very acid, liver deficiency pregnant women most like to eat, so called yi mu fruit or benefit mother and child. Lemon contains rich citric acid, so it is known as 'citric acid warehouse'. Its fruit is juicy and crispy with a strong aroma. Because the taste is very sour, it can only be used as the best seasoning, used to make drinks, dishes, cosmetics and medicines. In addition, lemon is rich in vitamin C, can dissolve phlegm cough, sheng jin jianwei. Used for bronchitis, pertussis, lack of appetite, vitamin deficiency, heat stroke, thirst and other symptoms, it is the 'scurvy'.