Kumquat greengage
Kumquat greengage

Kumquat plums are limited to large cups

Green plum fruit rich in citric acid and other organic acids can increase appetite, restore physical strength, eliminate fatigue and other effects. At the same time can improve constipation, calm, trouble - solving. Green plum fruit contains a large amount of natural high quality citric acid, which can promote the tricarboxylic acid cycle, quickly remove fatigue elements from the body, maximize energy production, food can be completely burned, which has significant practical value for athletes, high temperature workers to restore their physical strength. In addition, green plum is conducive to the human body's absorption of calcium, calcium is to help children and the elderly the most suitable food.

The fruit of green plum is rich in citric acid and malic acid, with a strong sour taste. These organic acids can not only eliminate the accumulated lactic acid in the blood from the body, but also inhibit the production of new lactic acid, so as to clean the blood, and the abundant VB2 has the effect of preventing cancer.

Green plum fruit has the unique function of regulating intestines and stomach. Catechuic acid in plum fruit can promote peristasis and regulate the intestines, and at the same time promote the contraction of the intestinal wall, which has a significant effect on constipation (especially pregnant women). Its sour taste can stimulate the salivary glands and gastric glands to secrete digestive fluid, promote digestion, nourish the intestines and stomach, improve the functions of the intestines and stomach, and promote the absorption of the intestines.

The sour and sweet of fresh kumquat collide with the sour and acerbity of green plum, and the light tea taste will bring you a new and different experience. Kumquat anti-cold jieyu green plum god solution trouble this cup is only for you

Main raw material: green tea auxiliary material: selected fresh kumquat, whole green plum fruit, green plum sauce