Lime of love
Lime of love

Green plum fruit rich in citric acid and other organic acids can increase appetite, restore physical strength, eliminate fatigue and other effects. At the same time can improve constipation, calm, trouble - solving. Green plum fruit contains a large amount of natural high quality citric acid, which can promote the tricarboxylic acid cycle, quickly remove fatigue elements from the body, maximize energy production, food can be completely burned, which has significant practical value for athletes, high temperature workers to restore their physical strength. In addition, green plum is conducive to the human body's absorption of calcium, calcium is to help children and the elderly the most suitable food. The fruit of green plum is rich in citric acid and malic acid, with a strong sour taste. These organic acids can not only eliminate the accumulated lactic acid in the blood from the body, but also inhibit the production of new lactic acid, so as to clean the blood, and the abundant VB2 has the effect of preventing cancer.

Yellow lemons are a variety of lemons. They start out as cyan and have a fine texture on the skin. [1]

The skin texture of yellow lemon is relatively coarse, the flesh color is light yellow, recent smell sends out a strong fragrance.

Fresh lemon is rich in vitamin C and citric acid, etc., also can beauty, reduce fire, reduce pressure, and aid digestion.

Lime love is restricted to cold drinks and large glasses

Green plum light sour acerbity, slightly gan lie. The clear acid of lemons. Two kinds of sour collision, ripe plum gan pure crisp, cool and refreshing heart plus taste sweet crisp secret system plum sauce low card delicious, let inspiring weight loss you, can not resist

Main raw material: green tea auxiliary material: whole green plum fruit, green plum sauce, fresh lemon