Marunsa · lemon four seasons spring
Marunsa · lemon four seasons spring

'Baodao maru zuo' green tea is imported from Taiwan. Green tea, semi-fermented tea and fully fermented tea are the tea categories with distinctive Chinese characteristics among the major tea categories in China.

After picking, withering, shaking, stir-frying, rolling, baking and other processes to produce excellent quality tea, green leaves red edge, both green tea fresh, and black tea sweet, after tasting the teeth and cheeks remain fragrant, fresh aftertaste. In decompose adipose, reduce weight strong and handsome wait for a respect to have outstanding effect, be called in Japan 'hairdressing tea', 'strong and handsome tea'.

Lime is the beauty of southeast Asia. Green lemons and yellow lemons are sisters in the same family. Do not mistake green lemons for unripe yellow lemons.

In colourful fruit, lemon can be said to be a kind of magical medicine fruit, have very big profit to human body health.

Lemons are highly acidic and are thought to be good medicine for diseases. Cough, phlegm, sheng jian spleen, and for the human blood circulation and calcium absorption can play a role in promoting. Rich in vitamin C, it can not only prevent cancer and food poisoning, but also lower cholesterol, eliminate fatigue and increase immunity. And can overcome diabetes, hypertension, anemia, cold, osteoporosis.