Maruta · lemon red
Maruta · lemon red

'Baodao maru zuo' Assam black tea is produced in northeast India tea, tea shape thin flat, color is dark brown; Dark red slightly brown soup color, with a light malt aroma, rose aroma, strong taste, belongs to the strong tea, is the best choice of winter tea.

Assam is situated in the southern foothills of the eastern Himalayas, bordering Bhutan. Historically, Assam is the second commercial tea production area after China.

Assam black tea tea in the highest content of alkaloid - theobromine, with a stimulating effect, can make the brain thinking activities quickly clear, eliminate drowsiness, eliminate muscle fatigue, with a sense of sharpness and improve motor skills

Perfume lemon is cultivated for Taiwan, its fruit is slender, big and seedless, the biggest characteristic is the peel taste is clear and sweet, completely does not have the bitter taste of other lemons, can directly slice bubble water, because of its juice aroma is full-bodied, so there is 'perfume lemon', because of its seedless so also called 'seedless lemon. Perfume lemon throughout the year flowers and flowers, almost the anniversary of continuous fruit, so also known as 'Taiwan four seasons perfume lemon.' Perfume lemon is not only the holy summer food, but also a beauty, thin body of beauty

In colourful fruit, lemon can be said to be a kind of magical medicine fruit, have very big profit to human body health. Lemon temperature, taste bitter, non - toxic, with thirst - sheng jin, heat - clearing, tire, shujie, phlegm, cough, stomach, spleen, pain, sterilization and other functions. Eat lemon fruit or drink lemon juice, can melt food, cure wine, detoxification.

Maru sa. Lemon red is restricted to cold drinks and large glasses

Black tea is bottom, perfume lemon green lemon ramps juice to mix to add 3 kinds of balls lemon balm acid to blow on the face and come on mouthfeel mellow aroma qingya drinks one mouthful full perfume lemon pulp each bite, it seems that sachet is in the mouth blast open full mouth to leave sweet

Main raw material: black tea auxiliary material: perfume lemon, green lemon, cactus ball, white jade ball, caramel ball