Maru · caramel red latte
Maru · caramel red latte

Caramel, also known as caramel color, is a kind of thick liquid or powder made of caramel and sucrose. It is dark brown and bitter, mainly used for coloring soy sauce, candy, vinegar and beer. Caramel is a kind of natural colorant which is widely used in food.

Granulated sugar no. 2 is the sugar produced after the first crystallization of sucrose

With caramel color (slightly brown) and aroma

Black tea is fully fermented tea, during the fermentation process, the tannin of tea is oxidized to produce tannin red, which not only makes the color of tea dark, the bottom of water color leaves red and bright, but also changes the aroma and taste of tea, with fruit aroma and mellow taste, which is completely different from green tea. Black tea tea water does not have quantity of heat, appropriate during reducing weight drinkable. Tea is rich in vitamin k drink, but also contains vitamin c and other components, with anti-platelet agglutination, promote the dissolution of dietary fiber, blood pressure, blood lipids, cardiovascular disease prevention is very beneficial.

'Baodao maru zuo' Assam black tea is produced in northeast India tea, tea shape thin flat, color is dark brown; Dark red slightly brown soup color, with a light malt aroma, rose aroma, strong taste, belongs to the strong tea, is the best choice of winter tea.

Assam is situated in the southern foothills of the eastern Himalayas, bordering Bhutan. Historically, Assam is the second commercial tea production area after China.

Assam black tea tea in the highest content of alkaloid - theobromine, with a stimulating effect, can make the brain thinking activities quickly clear, eliminate drowsiness, eliminate muscle fatigue, with a sense of sharpness and improve motor skills. And can turn for inhibition after excitement of central nervous system, if have insomnia symptom so, can drink tea when rising early, turn for height inhibition after making nervous system height excitement, if be in that day contact all have stimulative food, can alleviate that night insomnia, can have remarkable effect a few days continuously.

Milk is rich in minerals, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, manganese and molybdenum. Most of all, milk is the best source of calcium for the body, and the ratio of calcium and phosphorus is very appropriate for calcium absorption. The main ingredients are water, fat, phospholipid, protein, lactose, inorganic salt, etc.

Black tea, black tea latte made with fresh milk and special sugar, has a multi-layer aroma and flavor with a layer of caramel balls. Caramel is hand-fried sucrose, and meatballs are hand-made meatballs.

Main ingredients: black tea auxiliary: * sugar, fresh milk, caramel pill