Marutsa green latte
Marutsa green latte

Taiwan maru zuo', 'baodao maru zuo' and 'overseas maru zuo' are popular drinks, preferably Taiwan jasmine green tea.

Green Tea is one of the main Tea types in China. It is a drink made by taking the new leaves or buds of Tea trees without fermentation, and through such processes as Green finishing, shaping and drying. The color of the finished products and the tea after brewing more preserve the green style of fresh tea. Regular consumption of green tea can prevent cancer, reduce fat and weight loss, and reduce nicotine damage to smokers.

Green tea is unfermented tea, retains the natural substances of fresh leaves, and contains more nutrients such as tea polyphenols, catechins, chlorophyll, caffeine, amino acids and vitamins. These natural nutrients in green tea have special effects on anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and so on. Green tea is a kind of tea, which is made by some typical processes, such as killing, rolling and drying. Its dry tea color and brew after the tea soup, the bottom of the leaves to green color, so the name of green tea. Green tea is picked from the fresh leaves after high temperature, kill all kinds of oxidase, keep the green tea, and then by rolling, dry and made, clear soup green leaves are the common characteristics of green tea quality.

Green tea is non-fermented tea, because of its characteristics, it retains more natural substances in fresh leaves. Among them, tea polyphenols and caffeine retain more than 85% of fresh leaves, chlorophyll retains about 50%, and vitamin loss is less, thus forming the green tea 'clear soup green leaves, strong taste convergence' characteristics. Anti - aging, anti - cancer, anti - cancer, sterilization, anti - inflammation, etc.

Milk is one of the oldest natural drinks, known as 'white blood', the importance of human body can be imagined. Milk, as the name suggests, comes from a female cow. There are different grades of milk in different countries.

Milk is rich in minerals, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, manganese and molybdenum. Most of all, milk is the best source of calcium for the body, and the ratio of calcium and phosphorus is very appropriate for calcium absorption. The main ingredients are water, fat, phospholipid, protein, lactose, inorganic salt, etc.

Jasmine green tea with fresh milk, soft and smooth. Then add the special handmade balls made by maru, maru sa: cactus balls, white jade balls, caramel balls main raw materials: jasmine green tea; Accessories: fresh milk, cactus balls, white jade balls, caramel balls.