Look at the development prospect of 2019 milk tea from four perspectives!

First, from the urban development and distribution, to see the future milk tea industry benefits

Milk tea is increasingly becoming People's Daily necessities, especially in the north, Shanghai and guangzhou city, large and small milk tea shops are distributed in each street, lane, milk tea raw materials processing up to more than 1,000, milk tea franchise over 10,000.

Milk tea is almost irreplaceable in the market.

Second, from the milk tea shop growth rate, milk tea development prospects

A few years ago, milk tea shops were mostly in first-tier, second-tier cities, and third-tier cities were rarely seen. Today, the city is full of milk tea shops.

The annual growth rate of milk tea market is basically between 10% and 15%, which is much higher than our GDP growth rate. According to the analysis of authoritative experts in economics, China is expected to become the most potential tea consumer in the world in the future, and the development prospect of milk tea is promising.

Third, from the perspective of development space, milk tea industry has extraordinary potential

As a result, people's living standard is improving day by day, so that the annual per capita sales of milk tea is constantly refreshed.

China has a large population base, so it is conceivable that the milk tea industry market may be in short supply in the future.

Four, from the milk tea industry environment, see the milk tea brand strength

When the milk tea industry suddenly blowout, large and small milk tea shops full of streets and lanes, a variety of milk tea brands, multifuses, although the product is basically similar, but the quality of milk tea is high and low.

Choosing the right milk tea brand to join is particularly important. The most eye-catching milk tea brand in 2018 is no other than 'luantang lane'. Luantang lane milk tea leads the fashion and trend, has its own environment and brand culture concept, and will become the new favorite in the field of milk tea. Of course, lujiao lane only does direct stores, but due to the brand trademark problems in the market there are all kinds of lujiao lane, resulting in counterfeit shops everywhere.

Competition in the tea industry is extremely fierce, and many web celebrity milk tea shops become popular overnight because of their good publicity. However, if the quality fails to keep up, they will lose consumers quickly. For enterprises, they still need to figure out how to play the differentiated card with other brands.

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