What are the advantages of this product?

Baodao maru brand comes from baodao, Taiwan. It is the initiator of making pearls by hand all over the world to make healthy fresh milk tea. Strong r & d team is the core competitiveness, no one I have, I have fine people, fine people I new, so that we have been in the forefront of the industry. In the mode of the first health and fashion new mode, hand craft unique, transparent and transparent production process. The promotion of new media operation, accurate marketing of regional advertising, deepening brand recognition and unifying brand image. Baodao maru products, high appearance level, good taste, health products, low consumption, good reputation. Baodao maruzuo's services, online and offline value to enjoy, the headquarters to provide fast quality services.

Advocate return to original simplicity, stand out in today's batch production mode, insist on each cup of handmade, the pursuit of quality, pay attention to health, hope every consumer can in the moment of tea from the hustle and bustle of the world and fatigue, enjoy delicious quiet.

Baodao maru in the 'maru' commonly known as pearl. Every pearl is selected from rare raw materials picked by hand in the original place, such as cactus fruit from penghu bay, mangoes from aiwen in tainan, hand-fried caramel, black sesame seeds planted by farmers... Natural taste and color make our exclusive shot. The unrepeatable geographical and climatic environment of the origin gives pearl food an incomparable excellent Q bomb. Only native, fang bao original.

Select the world's top core ingredients, Taiwan high mountain tea, Taiwan ali mountain tea, India's top Assam black tea, Sri Lanka's top Ceylon black tea, the world longevity mecca guangxi bama jasmine green tea. Based on the changes of modern people's food culture and the pursuit of higher food safety, all the production process is transparent and all the pearls contain no additives, so that consumers can drink health and peace of mind

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