What are the advantages of this product?

In 2016, the baodao maru zuo team brought Taiwan tea experience and exclusive hand-made pearl technology to the mainland.

The team has eight functional departments, the first 68 kinds of colorful pearls, with an independent research and development team. Committed to the development of the world's top quality cactus fruit and other pearl series, using the natural characteristics of glutinous rice, add natural plant colors, create colorful pearls.

The core staff of the r&d department has served the world's top brands, such as Taiwan COCO duke, Taiwan igaran, little bit, Taiwan tea magic hand, etc. It is a comprehensive team integrating 'natural pearl' technology research and development, technology transformation, business school cooperation training, raw material supply of origin, brand management and service. Adhering to 18 working procedures, pure manual production, inherit the spirit of artisans, create the first service platform for handmade pearls.

Baodao maru brand comes from baodao, Taiwan. It is the initiator of making pearls by hand all over the world to make healthy fresh milk tea. Strong r & d team is the core competitiveness, no one I have, I have fine people, fine people I new, so that we have been in the forefront of the industry. In the mode of the first health and fashion new mode, hand craft unique, transparent and transparent production process. The promotion of new media operation, accurate marketing of regional advertising, deepening brand recognition and unifying brand image. Baodao maru products, high appearance level, good taste, health products, low consumption, good reputation. Baodao maruzuo's services, online and offline value to enjoy, the headquarters to provide fast quality services.

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