Is the market of milk tea industry big now

Entrepreneurship, especially young entrepreneurs, have thought about opening a milk tea shop. Because open milk tea shop relatively simple, customer groups are relatively wide, plus young people like to drink milk tea, that open a milk tea shop to make money or not? Today I will analyze the milk and tea shop entrepreneurial project after all how?

Many people say that selling milk tea is extremely profitable. The Internet once revealed that the profit of a cup of milk tea can reach 90%. Is there such a high profit? Let's calculate the cost of a cup of milk tea. I have the production cost of a cup of milk tea written by the owner of the milk tea shop: there are two kinds of milk tea on the market now, one is the traditional pearl milk tea and the other is the new fresh fruit tea. What is the cost of traditional pearl milk tea? Let's take a 700ml cup of milk tea for example. The cost of pearls is 5 yuan per catty, which equals to 50 yuan per cup on average. The cost of bo ba is 7 yuan per catty, the average amount is 70 yuan per catty, and the cost of planting fat is 8 yuan per catty, the average amount is 70 yuan per cup. Tea, sugar, these are the cost of milk tea. In addition, there are other costs, such as injection cup, lid, sealing film, straw, packing bag, etc., all of which together, the cost of a cup of traditional milk tea is about 2 yuan 7 to 3 yuan 5 yuan. If you sell a $12 cup, the cost is about 23 to 29 percent of the profit, 71 to 77 percent of the profit, which is pretty high.

Let's look at fresh fruit tea, which costs a little bit more because of the fruit, and it all adds up to $6.50 to $8 a cup. If you sell it for $20, the cost is 33 to 40 percent and the profit is 60 to 67 percent. We from the cost and profit of a cup of milk tea, selling milk tea is very profitable! But after all, we are not selling milk tea on the street, we are going to set up shop to sell milk tea, so we have to see how much the shop costs.

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