Bootoo OneZo Tea landed in New York City with its New York covenant, the welfare of the statue of li

'Baodao maru zuo' strong to create a new concept of tea, break the conventional pattern to fashion and health.

Bootoo OneZo Tea stands on the shoulder of the statue of liberty and looks down on the beauty of the world. The high starting point is that we are confident enough to build high-end tea brands in more than a dozen countries and regions around the world. I like it because it tastes good. High-end because new yorkers like it.

自由女神的福利——纽约之约,Bootoo OneZo Tea强势登陆纽约

The sameness of machine-intensive production is ultimately no match for one-of-a-kind craftsmanship. With transparent operation and healthy management concept, baodao maru tea strictly selects Taiwan high mountain tea, takes natural fruit as raw material, selects non-adjusted fresh milk, integrates exquisite production technology, and gives every cup to consumers is the unique charm of our sincerity. In addition, with an eye to the future, we will effectively allocate high-quality resources from all countries in the world to further improve product quality and service through international operation. At present, baodao maru reserve more than 500 new products to cope with the fierce market competition, more than 100 hand-made pearls, more than 200 mixed eating methods, Q is very flexible, eager to meet your chewing sensation between lips and teeth.

自由女神的福利——纽约之约,Bootoo OneZo Tea强势登陆纽约

Baodao maru zuo will be established as the most internationally invested tea brand in 2019, and we also welcome like-minded international friends to join us.

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