Book pills make different books different pills

Midsummer heat, hot sun head, where cool? City study. I am used to seeing the prosperity and vanity of the city, and listening to the hustle and bustle of the business circle. I am looking for a quiet place with about three or two good friends to enjoy the freedom, feel the feelings and swim in the ocean of knowledge. A city, a book, a cup of tea, a summer!

Weihai shenyang road shop city study one desk, one chair, one mat, one world. Ancient and modern romance, writers and writers, modern civilization and ancient culture blend all in it. Five or six steps through ten thousand miles, three or two sentences out of the past and the present, is not ah?

书海丸作 不一样的书不一样的丸

With the opening of the civic cultural exchange center, the urban study has become one of the cultural symbols of weihai. Especially the city study located in shenyang road can highlight the cultural characteristics. The brand 'baodao maru zuo', which originated from the popular INS in Taipei, gives full play to the tea culture and combines it with the profound urban study culture. Tea also intoxicate why wine, books can incense I do not need flowers. The book and tea will start from here.

Tea for the national drink, more qianlong emperor love tea said, 'you can not a day without tea.' Tea is a natural and quiet thing. Drinking tea is good for health. Baodao maru zuo inherits the Chinese tea culture, matches the mind of the readers, selects the food materials strictly, extracts them daily, makes them fresh, and makes the baodao high mountain tea series products carefully by hand.

书海丸作 不一样的书不一样的丸

Come and go without invitation, without restraint or convenience. People walk tea is not cool, tea cool heart is not cool. There is always a book to remind you of your past feelings, there is always a cup of tea to wake up your dusty memory.

书海丸作 不一样的书不一样的丸

It is reported that the city study store in shenyang road, weihai high district will open in September. Please look forward to the authentic 'making healthy Taiwan tea and enjoying strong Taiwan flavor' brought by baodao maru zuo.

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