The company culture

Nanjing hima brand management co., LTD. BOOTOO ONEZO was founded in Taiwan in 2015. The founder of BOOTOO ONEZO wanted to make his own tea at the beginning of research and development. Make a cup of Taiwan tea and take a sip of Taiwan flavor; Make plain tea with plain heart; The position of a person to work; Handmade insist, create each cup of 'pill' beautiful tea. The world's first hand-made scene pearls, pearl traditional manufacture must add industrial colloid, 'Formosa pill' break tradition, using special natural starch viscosity, the essence of heaven and earth to return a, glutinous rice powder, sweet potato powder, purple potato starch, potato powder, starch cassava powder such as 22 kinds of natural plants, carefully modulated according to the golden ratio. Add natural plant and fruit juices as a natural stain. Since then, it has started the craze of making pearls by hand and started the world's first healthy hand-made tea.